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Opening ceremony of Longines flagship store in Shenyang Charter Shopping Centre (Shenyang, China)

As world-renowned Swiss watchmaker, Longines is favour by consumers of China North East region with a long tradition and good taste in watch consuming and appreciation. Nowadays, another Longines flagship store opens in Shenyang Charter Shopping Centre. This stunning boutique is the 8th flagship store in China and 3rd in Shenyang, focuses on offering consumers excellent products and pleasant service.

June,26, Longines made grand inauguration for the brand new boutique in Shenyang Charter Shopping Centre, Longines Ambassador of Elegance, Aaron Kwok launched the opening. Aaron admired the exquisite and magnificent flagship store. Meanwhile Aaron Kwok, Aaron recommend his favourite, Longines Column Wheel Chronograph to Shenyang customers. A watch fitted with an exclusive, self-winding, user-friendly calibre featuring a column wheel which controls the chronograph functions, Longines Column-Wheel Chronograph. At Longines, the mechanical column-wheel chronograph is therefore a traditional and authentic, technical device. The Longines Column-Wheel Chronograph watches perpetuate this watchmaking heritage into the 21st century using cutting-edge technology.

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Opening ceremony of Longines flagship store in New Mart shopping mall (Anshan, China)

Called China Steel Metropolis, Anshan is one of important market in North East region.Now, Longines opens a showroom in New Mart shopping mall focusing on offering Anshan consumers excellent products and pleasant service.

June, 25, Longines Ambassador of Elegance, Aaron Kwok visited Anshan to make the opening ceremony for the showroom. Thousands of people were attracted by the super star, Aaron talked warmly with the fans, he said he is eager to the first visit to Steel Metropolis and happy to recommend his favourite to friends of Anshan, it is Longines Column Wheel Chronograph with the blue steel delicate device in its movement which has some association with the specialty of the city. Then Aaron together with top management of the brand, retailer and department store cut the ribbon, dotted the eyes of lion head for celebrating the showroom’s opening. Subsequently,Aaron guided the media and VIP guests to visit the nice new showroom, showed them series of Longines watches. Besides, Longines exhibition in Anshan New Mart Shopping mall featuring with Longines Column Wheel Chronograph and charming ladies watch, Longines PrimaLuna and Longines DolceVita collection as well as novelties of Basel 2011 attracts numerous watch lovers.


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[15:37] 2011/06/15 【 東方互動 專訊】 郭富城以品牌手錶代言人身份,獲邀往英國出席皇家雅士谷賽馬日盛事,由於要以傳統英國紳士造型亮相,城城特別光顧凱瑟琳皇妃的御用帽子店,並豪花20萬添置帽子,為年底個唱備戰之用。當日英女皇和皇夫亦有出席盛宴,首度親睹英女皇風采的城城說:「雖然佢坐包廂外遠看,但都感受到英女皇的親切同氣派,確實有王者風範。」賽事開始時,城城湊熱鬧下注,結果幸運地贏錢,身為馬主的城城說:「如果唔係要趕返香港,我一定留低揀馬。」




Royal Ascot (Ascot, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland)
June 14 – 18, 2011
For the fifth consecutive year, Longines is delighted to have been the Official Timekeeper for this esteemed event. This year the Swiss watchmaker, whose slogan is “Elegance is an attitude”, was also an associate sponsor of the Royal Ascot Fashion Show that took place in the Bessborough restaurant. Aaron Kwok, one of the most popular artists in Asia and the brand’s Ambassador of Elegance, was in Ascot on Tuesday 14th June.


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[12:42] 2011/06/11 【 東方互動 專訊】 郭富城出席電影《最愛》首映活動,表示電影已於內地上映,不少內地觀眾都說想不到郭富城可以演農民角色,令他感到很開心,就連兒時偶像吳宇森都讚他,問到有否信心奪影帝,城城表示奪獎與否並不是演員作控制。說到緋聞女友熊黛林回到家鄉南京,城城即封口表示不談其他事。




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[17:58] 2011/06/10【 東方互動 專訊】 郭富城在新片《最愛》中飾演因非法賣血染上愛滋病的農民,他聽從導演顧長衛意見,將原來的肌肉體型瘦身,在去走期間每天只吃一餐飯,早上不吃、中午不吃,只有晚飯。而吃完飯後還要做體能鍛練,把食物給消化,城城坦言這段日子好難捱。


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