“Tale of Magic” press conference

Posted on May 18, 2010 at 9:33 pm

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【20:54】2010年05月18日【on.cc專訊】 章子怡、郭富城與內地著名導顧長衛在北京出席電影《魔術外傳》記者會,身穿暗色格仔西裝、臉上長了小鬍子的郭富城,十分型仔,同場還有其他演員包括蔣雯麗、王寶強和濮存昕等。顧長衛同時宣布自己還執導了另一部紀錄片《魔術行動》,該片以反歧視愛滋為題,是一部為慈善而拍攝的紀錄片。


[Yahoo!] Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi looks at Hong Kong actor-singer Aaron Kwok during a press conference promoting their latest film ‘A Tale of Magic’ in Beijing, China, Tuesday, May 18, 2010.

May 15, 2010

As the official partner of the French Open at Roland-Garros, the Swiss watchmaker Longines has decided to seek out future tennis champions during the spring and summer season of this year! The Chinese best recruit children of ‘Roland-Garros 2010 – Discover Longines Future Tennis Aces’ gather together for the final tournament in Beijing on May, 15th. Longines Ambassador of Elegance – Mr. Aaron Kwok presents at the venue to cheer and witness the winner. At the same time, Aaron also celebrates the opening of the Beijing Beichen Longines flagship store, and shows Admiral Ceramic Chronograph, the Longines new sporty watch.

Beijing in May comes with the radiant and enchanting sunshine at the beginning of the summer. The banner flaunt windward outside the Beijing Beichen shopping mall, which combine with Longines winged hourglass logo and the classical Icon of Roland Garros – clay pattern, showing the charming sports elegance of Longines. Beichen flagship store welcomed Longines Ambassador of Elegance-Aaron Kwok to cut ribbon for store opening and shows Admiral Ceramic Chronograph, the Longines new sporty watch.

After the opening, Aaron attended the final tournament of ‘Roland-Garros 2010 – Discover Longines Future Tennis Aces’ to cheer for the young competitors. The ‘Roland-Garros 2010 – Discover Longines Future Tennis Aces’ launch at Shanghai in early April and lasted for one month. Over 50 talented young players from the cities of 10 provinces gather together through training and semifinal, finally four groups of winner had been optimize to enter the final tournament. One male and one female victor of the China Beijing Final will be delegated as China to compete with other worldwide selected young winners for their dreams at the clay courts from June 2 to 7. Aaron Kwok and Dennis Li, Vice-president of Longines China, issued the prize to these two young winners, encouraging them to spread out their talent at the Roland-Garros, strive and thrive in their tennis development.


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【12:14】2010年05月11日【on.cc專訊】 郭富城日前與經理人小美等友人到銅鑼灣打邊爐,但女友熊黛林(Lynn)無份。當晚城城食到晚上十一時,醫飽肚徒步到停車場取車。至於無份去「滾」的 Lynn,只好把全副精神寄託在愛犬身上。日前見她落寞前往大坑一間動物診所,逗留約十五分鐘,Lynn手持一包狗糧及一個透明寵物護罩步出,然後獨自駕車返回附近寓所。



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【15:54】2010年05月10日【on.cc專訊】 郭富城在新加坡舉行演唱會,以廣東話、普通話、英語及自編的「外星語」冧歌迷,期間因攝影器材出問題,無法拍城城近鏡,他即說:「既然大家看我不太清楚,我就下台和大家握手吧!」歌迷立即蜂擁而上,場面一度混亂。




Aaron Kwok wows!

Posted on May 9, 2010 at 6:10 am

The ‘King of Dance’ is back leaner, fitter – and probably with the cutest buttocks in the world of Cantopop artistes – in his De Show Reel World Tour Encore Concert Live 2010. Read more @XinMSN… / ChinaPress /

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